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Services Overview

We analyze both physical and chemical parameters of samples for a broad spectrum of private and public concerns, including:

  • consulting and engineering firms,
  • manufacturers,
  • small businesses,
  • hospitals,
  • water & wastewater treatment plants,
  • universities,
  • military bases,
  • municipalities, and
  • state and federal agencies.
We are a service-oriented business, dedicated to providing our clients with the finest environmental analyses available.

An Accurate Response

At TraceAnalysis we pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our analyses.  We review all data at every stage of the process, reanalyze samples when questionable results arise, and rerun samples when necessary at no extra charge to customers.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the most accurate, defensible analytical results available, and we make every effort to ensure that we meet that goal every single time. Upon sample login, verification of sample receipt and analysis request are emailed to clients for confirmation.  After the report is completed clients are delivered their data by fax or electronic email format. Due to our “green” initiative, hard copies will be mailed only upon request.

A Timely Response

TraceAnalysis provides rapid sample turnaround.  Routine turnaround times include:

  • BTEX: 5-10 working / business days
  • TPH: 5-10 working / business days
  • METALS: 5-10 working / business days
  • GC/MS: 5-10 working / business days
  • TOX: 5-10 working / business days
  • RCI: 5-10 working / business days
  • TCLP: 5 – 10 working / business days
  • WET CHEM: 5-10 working / business days

Turnaround times may be less upon request and analytical loads at Trace Labs.

A Team Response

Because TraceAnalysis is a team-based enterprise, we are enthusiastically committed to nurturing new understanding within the laboratory environment by providing our staff with a wide array of training opportunities.

At TraceAnalysis we make every effort to engage all of our employees in the complex dynamics of the analytical process to better serve the professional needs of our customers through understanding and commitment.

A Knowledgeable Response

Through an integrated system of knowledge sharing, it is, and always has been our goal to nurture a climate of understanding for meeting regulatory requirements in the most efficient and constructive manner possible.  At every stage of the compliance process, we are available to share our perspective on data analysis, regulations, and prevention with our clients.

Through our On-Site Training Programs, we provide companies with tailored workshops to teach employees the why-and-how of:

  • Collecting and transferring samples,
  • Understanding current regulations,
  • Responding to regulatory problems,
  • Data interpretation and usability.
We make every effort to protect sample integrity, including providing customers with sample kits and sample pick-up services.  By sharing our understanding of sample protocol, we help clients expedite the analytical process and establish systematic measures for quicker accurate data results.

We also stay in close contact with our clients during the laboratory process.

We provide reference materials for field or office, consultations by telephone or in-person, and up-to-date regulatory information to ensure that our customers have everything they need to expedite the analytical process. Upon request, we will provide clients with any or all of the following reference sheets to assist them in understanding the criteria for successful data interpretation:

  • Reporting Limits, SDLS, MDLS, MQLS, LODS
  • TCLP and SPLP Limits
  • EPA Acceptable Accuracy
  • Rules of 20 Calculation for TCLP
  • Class III Criteria Based on TCEQ
  • Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels
  • Risk Reduction Limits TRRP
A Customized Response

At TraceAnalysis we respect the unique requirements of each of our clients and seek to respond by customizing our services to fit our customers’ needs.  In addition to remaining constantly available to interpret, explain, and reanalyze, we accommodate our clients with tailored reporting formats and billing systems to help make doing business with TraceAnalysis the most efficient and effective analytical arrangement available.

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