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Security and Confidentiality

Sample Security

TraceAnalysis takes every administrative, as well as laboratory precaution to safeguard the integrity of the samples entrusted to us.

  • Employees are responsible for registering all visitors to the laboratory and assigning them official escorts while they are insider our facility.
  • We keep samples in appropriate sample storage areas until they are removed for sample preparation, analysis, or disposal.
  • Location of the stored samples is recorded in our LIMS computer network and in the internal COC record.
  • Only designated TraceAnalysis personnel have access to our various sample storage areas.
  • TraceAnalysis managers are responsible for knowing which employees are in the laboratory after hours.
  • Keys are issued to individual employees only upon written approval by the employee’s immediate supervisor and returned by employees during an exit interview.

At TraceAnalysis we assume all samples are of an evidentiary nature and respond to our charge with strict policies of confidentiality.

  • Upon request, clients’ names, as well as site locations, are kept off analytical reports.
  • Clients’ names, whether a person or company, are kept strictly confidential in written correspondence or through verbal transmission for each project except in addressing the client, a client’s designated representative, persons names on the COC, or on the Analysis Request Form.
  • Any request for analytical data or project information by anyone, other than those noted on the COC and Sample Analysis Request Form, are only fulfilled through a written release by either the client or the client’s designated representative.
  • Information not on the COC and Sample Analysis Request Form associated with a specific work order is incorporated into the analytical report only through written instruction by the client or the client’s designated representative.

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