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Mission Statement

TraceAnalysis operates on the principle of success through collaboration and teamwork. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all parties can succeed. A team concept from client, to office administration, to staff, represents the TraceAnalysis attitude, policy, and culture. Our objective is to foster a solid working relationship with our clients from the bottom to the top. We want to be known for our personal service, accurate testing, knowledge through education and experience, and expertise in consulting.

TraceAnalysis believes that open lines of communication are the key to success. It is vital that any business undertaking begins with all stakeholders learning what the goals are for each member and diligently working to meet those goals. Partnering helps to determine how and what goals are expected from the client. TraceAnalysis suggests a partnering session with all prospective clients prior to project start-up to introduce our team to the client’s team, for a full and complete understanding of the expected goals of all stakeholders. Our culture based on communication and collective effort has made us an industry leader in environmental testing over the past 20 years. Our collaborative efforts have been extremely successful and have resulted in excess of 100 million dollars in environmental and product testing with satisfied clients.

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