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Audit Procedures

Maintaining our precision and accuracy of our results receives constant attention at TraceAnalysis.  To ensure the consistent quality of our analytical procedures and services, we employ a broad series of audit systems designed to detect and correct any problems that may occur in the course of our endeavors.

External Audits

TraceAnalysis participates in performance sample audits conducts semi-annually by the EPA and cooperates fully with on-site inspections and performance samples submitted by certifying agencies to ensure compliance with regulations and certification programs.  We also participate in a third-party systems audit annually to measure laboratory performance for client needs, as well as official regulatory requirements.

Internal Systems Audits

At TraceAnalysis, we have implemented a multifaceted internal quality assurance program to assess the reliability of all our procedures.  Each year we conduct an internal audit of representative methods for each type of analysis.  We also conduct a complete review of representative analytical projects that includes evaluations of:

  • Method compliance procedures
  • Sample custody procedures
  • Calibration and instrument SOPs
  • Method and instrument QC
  • Data collection and calculations
  • Data validation
  • Method start-up quality control
  • Record keeping.

Blind Sample Audits

We also conduct blind or double-blind sample audits on a periodic basis.  We perform a double-blind sample audit by submitting a sample of known concentrations through ordinary sample handling procedures and comparing the reported concentrations with the known values.  With blind sample audits, the chemist is aware of the performance sample but still not allowed to know the true value.

In each kind of sample audit, we cover representative methods of the following:

  • GC volatiles
  • GC semi-volatiles
  • GC/MS volatiles
  • GC/MS semi-volatiles
  • Metals
  • Inorganics.

Report and Record Audits

Our Directors assume the responsibility for evaluating the correctness, completeness, and appearance of our laboratory final reports to ensure the consistent quality and content of data evaluations delivered to our clients.

We also conduct a periodic evaluation of our Standard Operating Procedures Manual, our Quality Assurance Manual, and our Equipment Maintenance Manual to ensure consistent and accurate documentation for laboratory personnel.  These internal document evaluation procedures give us the opportunity to reinforce our most basic company values by stressing the importance of communication and accountability between TraceAnalysis personnel and our clients.  In addition to these evaluation procedures, TraceAnalysis participates in periodic reports required of any projects under regulatory review.  We establish explicit quality assurance objectives and provide summaries of quality control conformance information and corrective action to achieve the regulatory objectives of these projects.

We monitor our client records as thoroughly as we monitor our reporting procedures.  By conducting periodic audits of our record files, we ensure that all records are transferred to storage at the end of each year and retained there for three years, then disposed of by shredding or incineration with date and method of each disposal placed on file.  We also periodically review our confidentiality policies to ensure that all confidential information is properly coded and in safekeeping.

Diagnostic Procedures

In the event that proficiency testing, collaborative testing, or audits reveal inadequate testing or service procedures, we respond immediately by determining the source of the problem, then adjusting and retesting the procedure until it is verifiably corrected.  All laboratory problems are documented, corrected and resolved in a timely fashion by recalibrating the data.  We pride ourselves in the quality of our personal service and guarantee a ready response to any problems or questions that may arise in professional contacts with our client.

Safety Audits

TraceAnalysis conducts periodic audits of all our safety procedures.  By definition, and environmental laboratory is subject to a wide variety of contaminants, and we are dedicated to maintaining a series of stringent policies to protect the laboratory environment, our personnel, visitors, and client samples from risk.

Our periodic safety audits include a vigorous appraisal of:

  • Proper air contamination prevention,
  • Safe storage and proper identification of flammable materials and waste chemicals,
  • Appropriate transfer and disposal of chemicals and all hazardous materials,
  • Proper procedures for chemical clean-up,
  • Consistent and appropriate use of all safety apparel,
  • Accessibility of first aid resources,
  • Familiarity with and access to fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and Emergency Notification Devices,
  • Current status and proper positioning of emergency telephone numbers for fire, police, ambulance, poison control center, and hospitals.

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